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YMCA is an abbreviation which stands for Young Men's Christian Association.
The YMCA programs challenge each individual from their early years of life to fulfill their potential by strengthening their mind,their body and their spirit.

YMCAs are all area inthe world

The YMCA began in London in 1844 and soon developed a global network which spread to America and Asia. The YMCA has a fim foundation which believes in the right of all people to a decent life,regardless of differences of race and nationality. The YMCA of Japan is linked through out the world through The Asian Alliance of YMCAs and the World Alliance of YMCAs. We join 25 million members of YMCAs in l00 countries in working to solve global problems.

Any person can join YMCA activities

Any person can join YMCA activities both Christians and Non - Christians.
Christianity is the foundation of our spirit and provides a spiritual basis throughout theYMCA's various programs.

Programs of the YMCA

TheYMCA provides programs for People of all ages, from pre-school age the elderly. Recognizing the importance of human rights evryone is welcome regardless of age, sex, handicap or national origin.

How to operate the Tochigi YMCA?

Tochigi YMCA is a foundation on the law in Japan but the essence of YMCA is an association of the peaple. "A" in the "YMCA" means Association, in other words, because YMCA is the solidarity of the people, the establishment mother's body of YMCA is each member. " Asking when will make a local community the better local community " member gathered and established the Tochigi YMCA.

For the reason like the top, the management of YMCA is managed by the members.
A member of Tochigi YMCA is a member of either of Utsunomiya YMCA, Ashikaga YMCA, Utsunomiya Higashi YMCA or Nasu YMCA branch at the same time.

A. A members general meeting is opened once per year. A year report is approved and an annual policy is fixed in the members general meeting.
As for the member general meeting, a general meeting as Tochigi YMCA and the general meeting of each branch are opened.

B. The members of " the Council " were elected as the representative of the members of Tochigi YMCA. The members of " the management committee " were elected in the general meeting of each branch.

C. The activities policy of YMCA is decided in the member of Council meeting of Tochigi YMCA and the management committee of each branch of YMCA which is opened several times in the year.

D. According to the decision of " the Council " and " the management committee ", the staffs executes the programs. Result of the activities will be reported to " the Council " and " the management committee ", after that to the member general meeting. These reports will include the policy of the activity in the following year.

E. For the special program, a special committee will be organized to promotes an activity.

Note:About the Branch

A branch of the Tochigi YMCA which is supported by suport members, we call "Branch". Usually, a branch call as "Ashikaga YMCA". An activity base of YMCA which is not supported by suport members, we call "activity center".