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YMCA members and staffs cooperate to develop programs, establish new activities to help solve social problems, elderly people's problems and etc.

Utsunomiya YMCA Committees 1.International Committee To create an awareness of society's problems and through understanding create international programs to help solve these problems.
Ashikaga YMCA Committees 1.Youth Committee
2.Christian Committee
3.Membership Committee
4.Global Citizens Network
5.Aged Society Committee
Related Groups Citizen Christmas committee
A non-denominational membership which consists of people of various religions backgrounds. The committee's purpoe is to communicatinal the true meaning of Christmas through annual Citizen Christmas production.
Tochigi Hospice Devrelopment Group
This group reaches out to support families and individuals during their time of need. The group plans lectures, support, training for families who have a family member who is ill.

Working Points of Tochigi YMCA

Head Office of Tochigi YMCA, Utsunomiya YMCA and Kindergarten

Ashikaga YMCA

Utsunomiya East YMCA

YMCA Education Center

Camp Site, Tochigi YMCA

YMCA Kindergarten

Tochigi YMCA Nursing Home "My Home Kiyohara"

Kiyohara South Day Service Center
Camp Site, Tochigi YMCA