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An overview of the JIREH HOME

JIREH HOME is the child caring facilities (an orphanage) which were established based on the Christian mind.
The children who don't have the returning house from 2 years old to 19 years old are living in JIREH HOME. They are the child and so-called street children who was but eloped by some situation in most in case of the typical orphan, too. They are a family and the children who were made the sacrifice of the poverty of the society, the indifference, the exploitation. The warp of the society is creating the children who can not have a dream in the future which doesn't have a suitable course to take.

JIREH HOME is in the Magsai area, Casteriajose Town, StBares. This place is the country city where a simple atmosphere is left. The area of the facilities is about 4.5 hectares, in the meantime half is the space of the life of the children such as the dormitory and the garden and the half of the remainder is used for the breeding of a field, and a fish farm, livestock. The children, too, help with the farming and the production one is used as the living costs of the children at the home.

In JIREH HOME, children are cherished in the mind of the Christian love. The prayer which depends on the studying of the Holy Bible and one one or depends jointly is the element which the life in every day is indispensable for. "Jehovah Jireh" is a meaning, " God give everything ". The healthy and healthy life of the children is guaranteed by JIREH HOME.

New Members Invited ! JIREH HOME Foster Parents Association

JIREH HOME Foster Parents Association is recruiting the member. The membership fee from you is very useful for the study of the children of JIREH HOME and the life. In the story of the JOEL director, the taking of the 30 dollar ( about 3,600 yen ) living costs per month is done for one child. There is not fund provision from the Philippine government and the local self-governing body at all and at the home, it depends on the fund aid from NGO in the foreign country and so on completely.
To have relation in addition to the financial support, the foster parent and the fosterling, will be to give the children who passed through the miserable life who don't know the warmness of the home which is called a street children hope with the big encouragement. Then, this thing is pleasure for us who are a foster parent, too.
Please, become a member in the meeting of the JIREH HOME foster parent.

When becoming a member
1. The membership fee ; The 2,000 yen monthly allowance
The 3,000 yen monthly allowance(When the fosterling graduates from the high school and goes on to the college or the vocational training school)
The payment, the half year payment, the annual profit lumping-together payment, either be nice every month but which it is be decided. It has a first time membership fee deposit and it makes enrollment.
2. Of enrollment ; Please report the following items.

(1)Name(2)Zip code and Address(3)Phone No.(4)Date of birth(5)Sexuality(6)Job (7)Hope of the fosterling(8)The way of remitting a membership fee

3. The decision of the fosterling ; (1)The boy(2)The girl(3)It may be which.(4)As for the fosterling, it isn't necessary I will supports the whole home.
It thinks that it wants to meet hope as much as possible but it welcomes (3).
It thinks as far as the age hope, too, is possible.
4. From the fosterling ; The letter of the photograph, biodata ( the growth and the health condition and so on ), the fosterling is sent twice per year from the home.
5. From the foster parent ; Send everybody's photograph, the photograph and the letter of family and so on as much as possible. It will be to be rejoiced.( By force, we don't suggest ).
Don't send money and an article to its fosterling.
6. In the Foster Parents Association ; (1) Out of the membership fee which was kept from everybody's, it subtracts 10 % as the office work expenses. This is a remittance commission, news letter ( the bulletin ) time line expenses, communication expenses, other office work expenses.
(2) It saves 10 % beforehand as exchange change preparation money and the weak yen must be prepared for because it is desirable that the receipt amount of money of the home example changes each time with the change of the exchange and there is not changes. In other words, it remits a lot of things for 1600 yen by the dollar or the local currency ( the peso ), being minimum and the part of becoming cheap in case of the weak yen, in case of it, it remits them.
(3) news letter ( the bulletin ) will be purblished 4 times per year. Cooperate to make enriched ones such as the state of the home and the fosterling, the voice, the getting in touch item of the member.
(4) It does once, the holding of the member general meeting per year.

The address: The Utsunomiya east YMCA 4-21-14 Mine, Utsunomiya 321-0942
TEL&FAX +81(28)661-7451

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